Sunday, 27 November 2011


I just arrived in Breckenridge for the Winter to train with the British Team, I was really excited about coming out but it all got swiftly ruined by British Airways as they lost my bags! I think it was on purpose after an argument at the airport regarding weight of my bag..... Three days later they arrived. Thankfully! Since I was first in the house I had first pick of the rooms

This was the Kingsize I was stuck with...... Sometimes you have got to rough it! That room has an en-suite and a balcony. I guess it isn't too bad. I get a nice view of some tree's and another house from it. I can't wait for the other guys to come out as I am stuck in the house by myself trying to find things to do!
View From Balcony

I am going riding at Copper Mountain with Dom Harrington tomorrow. So hopefully there will be some more pictures and maybe video to follow!


Just before I came to the States I met up with Sketch and Hasta from to take some photo's of a ProModel Hoody that we have been talking about! I wasn't sure if the guys were actually serious about it! But apparently they were! So we went down to a friend of ours who is a photographer to take some photo's of it! It was all a bit more serious than I expected! There was a green screen and everything! We managed to get some cool shots so everyone was happy!
Blue Steel
So Mike(The photographer) player around with it a bit and made some humorous backgrounds! This one has to be my favourite!

Strip Joint

Here is a link to the hoody on the Syndicate Website:         
If you use the code 'MurrayRocks' then it gets you a 25%discount! Stocks come in next week so place the order now to be sure to get one!

Hopefully soon I will have some footage for you guys!

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