Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Breckenridge Dew Tour

So the past week the Dew Tour has been on in Breckenridge. It has been killing all here as we weren't competing we had nothing to ski. I took a couple of days to rest up and hit the gym a little bit! Just took the opportunity to relax! When we did go skiing some people went to Keystone which is a resort close by, and others stayed in Breckenridge and just skied there! We realised that the people standing at the top of the lift were there to take photo's for tourists etc. And since we are tourists we thought it would be rude not to!
Me, Tomo and Andy

Today was the first day they managed to open the whole of Park Lane, well, the jumps at least. So it was a good days riding! Since it is the lead up to christmas it has started to get really really busy which means it takes longer to queue so to get around that problem we just stay up a lot later! 
Late Day
As you know, just before I came away to the States I did a photo shoot for Syndicate for The MBSC Hoody. It was really good fun until some idiot started clowning around! But a professional always gets the job done!

You can check out my Pro Model Hoody online by clicking HERE.

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