Monday, 20 February 2012

Bad Weather!

Due to the bad weather all week and blackout days on my lift pass I have been spending a lot of time at Woodward again. It's easy to film there and it's reasonably close by. It has been a really useful training facility at the moment because of the Aspen Open coming up and also a World Cup in Mammoth mountain. So here is a few tricks I have been learning.

I have also been doing a few things on the sprung floor. It helps you with learning tricks as the risk factor isn't as high as on a trampoline. But it does mean you cannot do as big or technical tricks.

Monday, 13 February 2012


So it has still been bad weather and it is starting to get really frustrating as we can't go training! I end up spending pretty much all my time at Woodward! It gets really tedious though.

The other day someone sent me this clip and it is amazing! It is possibly one of the best video's I have seen. This guy has some stones! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Photo's With Josh

Perspective Of Actual Size Of Pipe

 So today the weather wasn't great. It was pretty flat light and really windy. It wasn't ideal for learning anything new so I just took some photos with Josh Birch (Link To Website). He wanted to take them for a uni project so I thought I would help him out! They turned out really well.


900 Tail

We spent most of the morning taking hiking and taking photos. Hopefully Josh will put a sequence together soon so that I can put it up here! At 11000ft it is a lot more tiring walking up a half pipe than you think. So we ended up heading home about 12 o'clock and grabbing some lunch before heading to practise some tricks on a trampoline. It was a really good day even though when I first went up I presumed it was going to be a write off.

Here is a small clip of what I got up to when messing around into the foam pit. Hopefully I can put out an edit soon as I just got some new editing software and am just learning how to use it!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Breck Update

Recently the weather has been good so we have all skied about 7 days on the trot! It takes a hell of a lot out of you! I have been working a lot on my 900's so that hopefully I can turn it into a double cork. But it will take a bit of time.

I am hoping to get to Vail to go on the airbag there and try it. But it is a bit of a drive away so I will have to see when I can get across.
We have a tough couple of weeks coming up because there is two serious competitions coming up. A World Cup in Mammoth but before that is that Aspen Open which will be really difficult as it's an open event. I will make sure I keep you updated on that.