Sunday, 4 March 2012

Aspen and Mammoth

Sorry about the delay for a post. The internet hasn't been great here in Mammoth. Or Aspen for that matter.  I am still trying to get the footage of my runs. So hopefully I will get it in the next couple of days. I leave Mammoth to fly back to Scotland tomorrow so I should have it by then!

About a week and a half ago a few of us went to Aspen to compete in the Aspen Open. It was a really cool event and I had a lot of fun. I didn't manage to do as well as I had hoped and only finished up in 16th! It wasn't as good as last year but the standard was much much higher. So I am reasonably happy.

Early Morning Sunrise

Halfpipe And Slopestyle

The two days we were there it was really sunny and warm, it was a little bit windy but not windy enough to effect your skiing. The pipe was perfect. It was probably the best pipe I have ever skied. It was amazing. 

Straight after the competition Pat Sharples, James Machon, Katie Summerhayes and I all had to drive to Mammoth Mountain in California. It was a 15 hour drive and it was absolutely horrendous. We drove throughout the night and eventually arrived in Mammoth at about 6 in the morning the next day.
The weather was terrible the first three days, so our competition got postponed again and again and no one had any practise. But thankfully it cleared up and we got to compete.

(The weather we had to deal with)

After that the weather was great. I had a really good practise on the day of the competition and I was pleased with how I skied. But unfortunately I didn't manage to land as good a run as I had put down in the competition. I still finished up 26th. Which is exactly the same place I finished when I did the Grand Prix in Copper Mountain as well. At least I am consistent.....

The famous Mammoth

The weather after it cleared

So now after the competition we are having to drive back straight to Denver Airport to get a flight home. It is going to be right to make the flight or not. But I hope we manage as I am really looking forward to go home and relax a bit and recover from a tough couple of weeks. 

Hopefully I will have the footage soon! Sorry again for the delay.

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