Monday, 16 July 2012

Whistler RoundUp

On the 7th of July I came home from an amazing trip to Whistler, Canada. I spent two weeks out there training which was hard work but worth it. It was the first time I had ever hit a halfpipe with an airbag so I could practise doubles. It was my goal to get doubles onto the airbag so that I felt confident about trying it back into the pipe. After that I planned to go to Saas Fee in Switzerland to train there.

At the Top Of The Glacier

It was a great two weeks and I would love to go back. In the photo above you can't really see the view but it was amazing. Sometimes the weather wasn't great but thankfully Whistler didn't close the glacier so we could keep skiing. If it was raining I would just cut holes in plastic bags and wear it as poncho's to keep dry.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

It was a really productive two weeks and I manage to get a lot done onto the airbag. I tried three different doubles. Both way double flares and then double corks. They all went really well which was pleasing. The only downside to skiing in the summer is the trip up to the glacier in the morning. It was a long chairlift ride and it took roughly an hour. Possibly longer. But on the way down it made up for it as the view was really nice. It was strange seeing ski runs without any snow on them though.

View From Chairlift

Momentums Glacier

Momentum ski camps has the best glacier I have ever seen as you can see from the picture above. It had two airbags as well as a huge variety of different features such as jumps, moguls and rails. It is not surprising why all the best skiers in the world go there.

I am currently working on an edit of all my tricks onto the airbag and some skiing as well. So it will be up on my blog very soon. I am just in the editing process now.


At the moment I am in Saas Fee training with the British team and it is going great. The weather has been perfect so far. I will post about it shortly after the Whistler edit. Enjoy!

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