Saturday, 4 August 2012

Saas Fee

For the past two weeks I have been training in Saas Fee, Switzerland and it has been amazing. It was a really tough two weeks but definitely worth it. The pipe wasn't as big as I had hoped but it was still in really good condition.

Since Whistler I had been practising a lot of my tricks onto the airbag so it was time to take a lot of them back to halfpipe as I wanted to be able to put a run together for New Zealand. I was trying lots of different combinations of tricks and one of them was an un-natural flare to a 1080. This is how the end of run will hopefully look.

The weather in Saas Fee this year was the best I have ever seen it. It was really cold in the mornings on the glacier and then warm in the afternoon. In the afternoons we tended to do fitness. This included sprints, core work and flexibility work. I was happy to do it though as it was outside in the sun. If we didn't do fitness I had some time to myself. We did lots of different activities like football. One of the evenings a big group of us went down hill scootering. It was far from safe! We all wore helmets so it made it safe!

Scooter Gang

Another some more of us went down to Visp, which is a small town about an hour away from Saas. It is a really scenic drive down through the valley and on the way down there is the most amazing waterfall! It was really incredible!

Ben Kinnear and myself


It was a long lift ride up to the top of the glacier. It took about 45 minutes to an hour. It was worth it though as it had a really good view of the whole mountain. You got to see the bottom of the glacier as well as all the ski runs. It was strange seeing them without snow on them as they still had piste markers and crash pads.

On the first day of the second week I was training a full run with a variety of tricks that I would use in my run. I had a bit of a hard crash on my right side 900 and managed to knock myself out. I also managed to crack my helmet. Luckily I always wear one. It would have been a lot worse if I wasn't. It possibly saved my life! So make sure to always use a helmet regardless what you are doing.

Broken helmet that saved my head

On the 10th of August I am off to New Zealand so hopefully there will be more stuff to put on my blog!