Friday, 7 September 2012

New Zealand Update

On the 10th of August I flew out to New Zealand to train for a month whilst doing two competitions. It took a ridiculously long time to get down here as I had to travel across London whilst the Olympics was going on to change airports as well as an 8 hour stop over in China and a night in Aukland. It took over 64 hours from door to door. It was worth it though. It is an amazing place. The views are incredible.

View from Cadrona mountain

The first competition was a FIS World Cup in Cadrona. It was the first Olympic qualifier for Sochi. I managed to finish 23rd which I am really pleased with as it is part of the qualifying criteria to stay inside the top 30 for the whole season. So I am off to a good start. There was a lot of good skiers there such as Torin Yater-Wallace and Thomas Kreif. Thankfully it was really good weather for this event unlike the NZ Open. I didn't manage to make the finals but still did a decent run that had a left side 1260 and a right side 900. 

Top of the Cadrona halfpipe

Once the WC had finished in Cadrona, we started training at the famous Snow Park. It was a bit surreal really as you always saw it in movies and things and thought it would be somewhere that you would never end up going. And then a couple of years later you are there training beside all these guys. 

It is a great resort(if you could call it that?) It only has one lift and the whole mountain is of man made snow as well as all just being a park! It had a really good halfpipe. It was very different from Cadrona so it took a bit of getting used to. The weather held up until the day of the competition which was a bit of a shame. The conditions weren't ideal. It hadn't frozen the night before so the halfpipe was really slushy and soft. Since the weather wasn't great they bypassed the qualifications and went straight into semi's. I landed both my runs which I was really please with as the lead up to the competition didn't go as well as planned. 
Snow Park
Halfpipe at Snow Park

I managed to finish 22nd. Which was a better result than in the WC. So I was really pleased that in a week I had bumped up one place. There was more competitors in this event as well as it was a non-FIS event. It was really good fun. Very relaxed but everyone was focused at the same time. 

I travel home tomorrow so I will have a long trip back to get an edit together. So make sure to check back soon!