Monday, 15 October 2012

Westbeach In and Out

On the 13th of October I went to Bearsden Ski Centre for the Westbeach In and Out contest. It was basically a big air event but since there was also a quarter pipe they decided to have a session on that as well. People from all around the Uk came because it is/was such a good event.

It was a tough competition because it was a long day's skiing as well as a lot of great competitors. The format was a jam session qualifier into a jam session final followed by a two run super final. The two run super final was a combined score which meant you had to be really consistent. This benefitted me because I ride at Bearsden a lot and I am used to the slope!


Thankfully I was having a great day and managed to come out on top. There were a lot of good skiers riding but I ended up with the win which I was really pleased with! In the final I did a switch 900 japan and a switch 720 truck driver.

Tom Coe, Me, Chris Wadsworth

It was a great event and I would like to say thanks to Westbeach for putting it on! The next one is on November the 9th in Milton Keynes! Hope to see you there!

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