Monday, 5 November 2012

Relentless Freeze

On the 26-27th of October I was in London competing at the Battle Of Britain at the London Freeze. It is a skiing and Snowboarding event next to the iconic Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station

I travelled down on the thursday night and stayed at a friends house from London. On the friday I went to the event and competed in the competition. It is a big structure made out of scaffolding and snow put up just for this single event. It is so big that it requires a lift to the top of the drop in to hit the jump.

Top of the run in

Colin Holden and I at the top before my run

It was a daytime event with the internationals later on in the evening. I managed to finish up 8th over all which I was really happy and pleased with how I had done. I mainly ski in the halfpipe so it was the first time in over 5 months I had hit a big jump. It was a really fun event and I am glad to be part of it!

On the Saturday it was the snowboarding. A lot of my friends were competing that day so I went along to show some support. Billy Morgan who is a good friend of mine won the international event. It was great to watch and it was a really impressive performance by him. 

Here is the video from the Freeze of the international skiing event later on!

That is Paddy Graham doing a backflip on his final run at the London Freeze! Very impressive!

The following week I was at the London Ski and Snowboard Show so there will be another post about that very shortly!

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