Monday, 5 November 2012

Ski and Snowboad Show

After the Freeze Festival I spent a couple of nights in London and then on the 30th I went of to the Ski and Snowboard show at Earls Court. I was coaching for the whole show which I was super pleased with as it was a great opportunity to spend the week down there.

I was coaching on a small beginners slope. My job was to coach the general public how do to freestyle skiing such as sliding a box or going off a kicker. Also the Ski And Snowboard Show had an airbag provided by the The point of the airbag is so that the public would be able to practise doing tricks without worrying about hurting themselves as the airbag was a soft landing in comparison to the slope.

The Airbag

The organiser has arranged a competition to be held on this airbag for the general public and it was judged by Eddie The Eagle! It was really nice to meet him as he is a past olympian and since that is my goal he could relate to what we were trying to do long term!

The Coaches With Eddie The Eagle 

They also organised a competition called The Battle at the Brits. It was a rail jam and it was amazing fun! I managed to win it which came as a bit of a shock but it was amazing. It was such a fun event and I had a great time competing in it. A lot of people were they and they all entered as well. 

James Webb and I at the top

Closed eyes at the bottom of the slope
The jump was really good fun. I managed to do a front flip on it! It was very small but still reasonable easy so we had a little session on it one day with the rest of the coaches!

It was a really fun week and I was very thankful to be part of it. I would recommend to anyone that is able to get to the show next year. Do it! It is worth the travel.

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