Sunday, 13 January 2013

Copper World Cup

On thursday 10th of January I took part in the first World Cup of the season. It was a very large field with some amazing riders. At first I had two days training in the halfpipe. It was split into an hour and a half each day seeing as so many people entered and there was a huge amount of competitors.

Practise was going really well even though I didn't manage to get a lot of runs in. I had spent a few weeks prior training in the same pipe. As did most people in the contest. I managed to get my run down both days which was really pleasing. They weren't perfect but it filled me with confidence knowing that I could land it when I wanted.

On the day of the comp it was really good weather. Which makes it a much more fun event as more people come and watch and also it's not as cold standing around at the top of the drop in. I had two practise runs and then the competition had started so I had to do my run. I landed my first run which took a lot of pressure off. It consisted of : Left 900 safety grab, right 540 opposite mute, left 1260, right 720 tail grab, switch left 720 mute grab and to finish my newly learnt right 900. I also managed to land my second run which was the same and then managed to bump up my score by 3 points which was great for me.

I managed to finish in the top half of the field which I was extremely pleased with as it was such tough competition.

There was only one other Brit in the competition and it was James Webb. He was skiing really well in practise but unfortunately on both runs he crashed. He landed on top of the wall and fell back into the halfpipe. It was a really bad crash and I am glad he managed to walk away without any injuries!

Once the competition had finished I spent the rest of the afternoon watching the other skiers who hadn't run yet. It was nerve racking as I wanted to finish top half of the field and I managed it. It was a great competition as I managed to land both my runs, up my score and achieve what I had set out to do.

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