Saturday, 5 January 2013

Filming and Training for the World Cup

After the NAC in Copper mountain I was mainly training in Keystone or Copper. The weather was really bad during the Christmas period, but this was a good thing as the resorts needed the snow. Although, with the continual snowfall it makes it difficult to train. I had a bit of time off for Christmas and New Year. It was a time to relax and try and get some motivation back for skiing.

After the New Year I started to get back into training and skiing again. A friend of mine, who is living in Breckenridge, needed to do some filming for a university project so I spent a bit of time with him. It was really good fun and interesting to film with him. I learnt a lot about the camera and lenses, which I didn't know anything about before.

Here are a couple of screen grabs from his computer whilst editing:

After filming with Tom I began training for the World Cup that will be held in Copper in a week. Part of the preparation for this was to head across to Vail which is about half an hour from Frisco to train on the airbag. It is very similar to the one I trained on in the Summer in Whistler.

Spine Airbag

The set up was a spine in the middle and two drop in ramps either side. The spine had two halfpipe walls cut in each side and a jump going straight over the top. It was expensive but an incredibly good set up. I went with Dom Harrington and Ben Kilner who are part of the snowboard team. I wanted to practise some doubles and also my right side 900's. The 900's were my main focus as I want them to be part of my run for the competition coming up.

Double Flare

I was practising double flares as well as a couple of double 1260's. I think soon I will be ready to try the double flares. But the 1260 will need some work.

Thankfully all the practise in Vail paid off as I managed to land 11 right side 900's in a row. And one of them was in my competition run. So I was really pleased. Hopefully I can get some video footage of it to upload to here.

Sorry for the delay in posting. It will be back to normal now!

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