Sunday, 20 January 2013

Training before PC

After the Copper WC I had a bit of trouble with my back. Unfortunately it meant I had to take a bit of time off. Which wasn't great as I was struggling to find things to keep me occupied apart from the gym and swimming pool. 

Thankfully I had physio every day and it didn't take to long to heal. So I was back training fully again. Back on the slopes and in Woodward. I split my time between Copper and Breckenridge. 

I have been working a lot with Jamie Matthew who is the new pipe coach. So we have both been making a lot of progress in the pipe. I have a lot to work on after the Copper WC. The usual program consists of heading up the mountain early and training in the pipe till about 1-2 o'clock. After that I would head home for some lunch and then either a gym session or Woodward.

After each day in the pipe we tend to go off and have a bit of fun around the mountain. And it usually consists of backflips or frontflips. Here is a shot from the other day at the bottom of the halfpipe.

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