Sunday, 31 March 2013

The British Championships

Straight from Spain I flew into Geneva where I had to get a 4 hour bus that took me to Tignes. It was a long days travel but on the upside I didn't have to pay excess baggage on Easyjet.

I was met in Tignes by my good friend James Webb who is currently injured. Luckily he was commentating which meant he was still able to come, which pleased me greatly.

James at prizegiving

The first day we had skiing it was glorious sunshine. But I was too late to enter for slopestyle. If I had been a day earlier I would have been able to register. I felt like I could have put down a decent run and done pretty well.

On the thursday it was the halfpipe event. And this was my favoured event. I had come 3rd the year before which I was not very happy about as it was not a great result. So this year I wanted 1st. The conditions were absolutely terrible. We had about 10 inches of snow throughout the day.

First hit 900

Since the weather was bad I found it more beneficial to take two runs practise and spend the rest of the time slipping the pipe to try and clear out the fresh snow. The majority of the other riders did the same as me. It just made for a better event when it came to qualification.

Right side 720 tail

Flare safety grab

Since the conditions kept getting worse and worse the organisers had to cancel the finals. It just meant they went on qualification score. The judges gave the riders the option but everyone voted not to run it.
I managed to put down my World Cup run in the quali's so I was nervous about not running it as I wasn't sure what the others had done. Thankfully I came out on top. I was extremely pleased that the British title was mine. I hadn't won it since 2008. So I was over the moon that I was back on form and back on top.

Smiles all round

Covered in Champagne 

I would like to say thanks to Scene Images for the photos. They are some great shots.

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