Wednesday, 13 March 2013

World Championship, Oslo

Last week I flew into Oslo from Laax for the World Championship. It was a great week in Laax training with James Webb. I couldn't manage to get a direct flight to Oslo so I had to go through Berlin. It was a tiny airport and it had hardly anything in it. It was a long days travel.

The first days training was really good. The pipe was perfect. It was 5 hits long and in good condition. It wasn't to icy or to soft. The halfpipe was right at the bottom of the mountain beside the car park. It made it really easy to get to it and easy for spectators as well.

View from the Car Park


We also has a night training session because the finals were at night. It was strange training at night again as the pipe has a thin crust of ice on top of the soft snow. It doesn't freeze all the way through as we are still skiing in it. So it is just the surface.

Night session
After the night training we went back to our hotel. It was right beside a football and ice hockey stadium. The team and I ended up sitting in one of the rooms that looked out over the rink and watching a game.

The next day was competition day. I didn't sleep to well the night before as I was nervous. I am never usually like that. But a lot seemed to be riding on this competition.
I was in the later heat which I was pleased with as I didn't have to be up early. All the best in the world were there. So it made a very tough contest. Thankfully the weather held up for all the heats. Even the girls who were later on in the afternoon which meant the sun had been on it all day.

I landed both my runs but not quite how I wanted to. I wasn't pleased with the way I skied. But still managed to get my highest score of my season with a 68.8. I placed 18th which has matched my best result of the season so far.

Unfortunately I didn't make finals. So the following day me and Jamie Matthew(the coach) went for a ski around the mountain. It was very small and not much terrain. But we found a mini pipe which was roughly 8ft. It was so much fun. We skied in that for a good few runs.

The weather was pretty poor so we only skied half of the day and then went down to the hotel for lunch. Later on that evening all of the team went to watch the finals under lights. It was really enjoyable to watch but extremely cold. As soon as the event was over we left as fast as we could to get back to the warmth.

It was a great competition and I look forward to the next one in Spain.

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