Sunday, 11 August 2013


On the 5th of July after two weeks in Whistler I flew to Bali to meet Paddy Graham and Billy Morgan, both members of the British ski and snowboard team, for a month.

I was there for 4 weeks and I absolutely loved it. We all hired scooters and were been hammering around on them. They are death traps though. So it’s pretty sketchy. The three of us spent a week in Bali surfing and being tourists. We also met up with two British snowboarders while in Kuta, Bali. So we spent the rest of our time with them. 

Then we shot off and went to an Island close by called Lombok. It was very different to Bali. Extremely chilled out and very relaxed. No parties or anything like that. So we would get up early most mornings to go surfing and then head back out in the afternoon. I never realised how hard surfing was until I tried it. It is incredibly difficult. I struggled to stand up and know which waves to paddle into. But now I am just starting to get the hang of it. The only part I can't do is duck dive. My board is too big so I just get spat out the back of the wave. 

The ferry over was a slow 6 hours. But once we were in Lombok it was worth it. We managed to find a skate bowl in the middle of nowhere. God knows who made it. But it interesting to say the least. We turned up and there was a skateboarding dog in it. He was just running along with the board and jumping on. Strange to watch....
Lombok was a weird place. Tons of wild dogs and cows just roaming the streets. They were even in our hotel court yard. 

After about 11 days in Lombok all of us headed back to Bali to meet Aimee Fuller who is another British snowboarder. We spent one night in Kuta and then went to the Gili islands. It was very touristy. A lot of English speaking people so it was different to Lombok. But it was really chilled out. You could cycle round the whole island in about 25 mins. There wasn't much to do apart from sit on a beach. All of the guys got pretty bored pretty quickly. So we left and went back to Bali. We spent the rest of our time there. Surfing and travelling around seeing some of the sights. It was pretty cool. Got to meet a lot of like minded people and hang out with them. 

After that I headed to New Zealand which was an easy flight as it wasn't too long. It was 5 and a half hours then a 3 hour flight from Depensar to Queenstown then about an hour drive to Wanaka. So it was chilled. I am now in Wanaka till the 5th of September and have a contest on the 15th of August which I am really nervous about as it is a difficult halfpipe to ski. It is narrow and icy making it super fast. Not pleasant at all. But hopefully I can pull something out of the bag. 

I will keep you updated how it goes!

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