Saturday, 3 August 2013


Sorry for the delay in a post. I was in Whistler and is was fairly hectic trying to achieve my goals as my time was limited. And since then I have been in Indonesia surfing and travelling around and the internet has been rubbish so I haven’t been able to upload anything.

Whistler was an amazing trip for me this summer. It was probably the best training I have done all year. It was a halfpipe airbag for both walls. Left and right. It was all the way up on the Blackcomb glacier but me and the rest of the guys stayed in Whistler village. I absolutely love it there. It is a really nice place and everyone is really friendly and polite.

We would get up about 7 o’clock every morning for breakfast and the get on the lifts at half past 7. It took about half an hour to get up to the top every morning which was a pain but it was all worth it. I would usually ski till about 1/2 in the afternoon and then head down. They did provide lunch up the mountain but I just preferred to get down and do some sort of outdoor activity. It was mainly football but sometimes the odd spot of golf! 

I went to Whistler with the goal of landing more left double flares and making them consistent. I achieved that. It was difficult as the first week I was there it was terrible weather. Wind, rain and a lot of low cloud. It meant I couldn’t prep for it as best I could. Both Jamie Matthew (coach) and I knew that when it was the next good day I just had to get it done. So the sun came out and we both had a feeling it was on.

I only managed to try 3. And I landed all of them consistently. All of them didn’t go as well as I would have liked but I was still able to stay in control and land them on my feet and ride away. I was extremely happy. I now think I am ready to take them to contest. I will try and put them into my run in NZ.

I was sad to leave Whistler as it is my favourite trip of the whole year. But I was going to Bali for a month so I was extremely happy about that.

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