Monday, 18 November 2013

Recent Coverage

So the past 3 weeks I have spent at home. Trying to get in shape for the up coming winter as it is the biggest one in my career so far. Unfortunately though I managed to get tonsillitis. Which was a huge set back. But now I am fit and healthy again and getting back into the swing of things before leaving next week.

The past few weeks I have had two article on the Team GB website and also the Evening News. It came as a bit of a shock as I had no idea I that anything was being written. But it is always a nice surprise!

This is the shot they used for the article. Somehow the reporter has managed to spell my name wrong. Cheesy shot used as expected, but gotta love it!! You can read the article online here.

Before the Evening News I had a great article on the GB website. Thankfully the spelling was correct ;)
You can read that also online here.

They are both fairly similar articles. Just on the up coming games and qualifying. But definitely worth the read!