Sunday, 29 June 2014


On the 21st of June I flew to Vancouver to go to Whistler for a two week camp with the British team. I always enjoy this camp because the skiing is good and the airbag training is so beneficial. The reduced risk environment means I can train new tricks without fear of getting hurt. And if things do go wrong, there is a big airbag to land on.

The first week of training was great. The weather was always perfect. Sunny and warm. It meant I was able to ski all day and then in the afternoon go to the gym, play football, swim in the lake or go skating. It is always good fun travelling up and down to the glacier when it is sunny because it is 3 chairlift rides and a bus ride. You get some really good views.

Unfortunately the start of the second week has been awful. Two days of rain up on the glacier. All the guys tried to ski the first day but since the visibility is so bad it is not worth it. Instead we all just had a day off and watched some of the football.

More photos and videos to come soon!