Friday, 7 October 2016

BBC Ski Sunday Intro

So last year I was lucky enough to be a part of the intro for BBC Ski Sunday's intro to every episode. I think it is being used over the next few years which is great for me as I am honoured to be a part of it! It has weekly viewing figures of roughly 3 million so it is some great coverage for me to get my face out there a bit! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed filming it!

BBC Sport Ski Sunday 2015 Titles from Intro on Vimeo.

Short Animal Edit

Here is a short clip I did for Animal in Laax in March. It has come out ok. Not as well as I would've liked as I didn't get my bigger tricks done. But I am fairly pleased with how it has been put together.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

New Zealand Part 1

Sorry for not posting in a while. It has been a fairly quiet summer. I have just been working at Freeze Pro Shop in the warehouse trying to save some money for the upcoming winter. It is going to be a big one as the Olympic qualification starts in December! I want to give myself the best chance possible to make it to Korea and be able to compete at the highest possible level. So the more financial support I can get the better.

At the moment I am currently in Wanaka, NZ skiing at Cardona daily. So far so good. But I have a feeling it is about to get a lot worse quite quickly. The first week was a bit of a struggle for me. I caught a bit of the cold on the plane on the long flight over. So battling with that as well as jetlag and still trying to get some stuff done on my skis wasn't easy. But it has gone surprisingly well. The weather was brilliant and the halfpipe was close to perfect. I was managing to get some of my lower level tricks down such as right 5's and switch 5's. So it was great. But unfortunately all this warm weather has caused some problems. The halfpipe isn't freezing. Meaning it is too slushy to get a pipe cutter/piste basher through the middle. Therefore it isn't getting shaped. And because it is now not getting shaped. It isn't getting opened. And to make matters slightly worse. It is forecast to rain for the next 2 days. So everyone that is staying for Spring Camp(airbag camp for 2 weeks at the end of the season) is praying that the snow holds. 

I have had a few opportunities to do some cool stuff while I have been here so far! The first day I arrived Jamie Matthew and myself went on a 5 hour round trip hike to the top of Mt. Roy! It was a bit more than we anticipated as it was slightly bigger than we originally thought. It turned out to be 1578m. But fairly steep. So as a non walker it had its challenges. Some of the views were incredible and it was definitely worth the slog up. But coming back down was the hardest part on the legs. It was a good warm up for going skiing the next day. 

After a big day riding, Jamie and I also got incredibly lucky! A friend of ours knows a pilot out here and suggested that we fly around Milford Sound which is a big fjord on the west coast of NZ. It was an opportunity to do something very few people get to do. It was expensive but very worth it! Some of the views along the coast were incredible and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about going for a scenic flight. We were in a 4 seater plane and there was absolutely no room at all. It was a rickety old thing but it seemed to do the job just fine. We went along lake Wanaka and then up over the mountains past Rob Roy's Glacier and Mt. Aspiring. It was beautiful. 

Now that a storm has rolled in it is a bit of a waiting game. Waiting to see when the weather gets better and also waiting to see if there is a halfpipe left once the rain goes. I will just have to see what happens. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about the weather. But there are things I can be doing when I am on my skis. So I will just focus on that and not worry about the things I can't control. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Tignes Run

Here is my run from Tignes World Cup. I was really pleased with it. I managed to land everything clean, with grabs and a decent height. So hopefully I can put a few new tricks in and then get the amplitude up with some good grabs.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


After my disastrous time in Laax I had a short break at home before heading to Tignes for the WC. I have to be honest and say Tignes is not my favourite place but this time it was a great trip. I went out a day early to spend a day skiing with my girlfriend before having the official World Cup training. I hadn't had a full days piste bashing in about 5 years and it was amazing fun.

The WC practice didn't go very well for me. I was struggling a bit with motivation. The first day the halfpipe wasn't very good. There was a ridge down the right hand wall and the left wall was slightly over vert. It made it difficult for me to do any of my tricks. As a result of the difficult conditions on the first day I felt the pressure on the second. Because I felt like I had to do my tricks I overthought everything and it had the total opposite effect. 

I was very nervous going into the contest. It wasn't a big field but there was a lot of big names, the majority being the Americans. I knew I needed a good result as my seasons hadn't gone quite the way I wanted thus far. Thankfully in the build up everything went my way. I had put in the work earlier on in the year and it must have paid off. I ended up landed both my runs with the highest scores I have had all season. I put in my switch 900 and my double and I got rewarded for them. I finished in 13th place. 10 made it through to finals and I was on the bubble until the last 3 people had to drop. It was pretty gutting being so close to making it to my first ever finals. But I was happy with everything! 

After Tignes I went home and managed to get a few turns in up north. I went to Glenshee with my dad. When I was younger I used to go up every winter as he learnt to ski there and also worked for the mountain rescue. At first I hated going up but now it is very familiar. It was possibly one of the best days skiing I have had up north. No wind, no queues and hardly any clouds. It was nice to put some turns in with my dad again as it had been too long. He has still got it, even if a little bit slower than he used to.  

Next up it was back to Laax. I am currently here just now and it has been amazing so far! Weather has been inconsistent but most of the time it has been manageable. My time has been split between filming for Animal and getting some new tricks prepped for the upcoming trip to Mammoth.

Paddy Graham from Legs of Steel has been out a bit. He taught me the majority of my tricks and it has been nice to ski with him again. 

Hopefully it is a good trips and the Brits goes well next week. I will keep my blog updated with some more photos and possibly videos.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

February in Laax

A week after Park City I flew to Switzerland to go to Laax. It is probably my favourite resort at the moment but unfortunately this time I do not have very fond memories. I spent my week looking at the inside of a toilet bowl.

I went out to spend a week with the Pathway Performance camp. They had already been out there for a week before I showed up. The week before I arrived all of them had a stomach virus and when I arrived I managed to last a day. I arrived on the Monday and thought I had made it. Then unfortunately the Wednesday morning I was sick. I got one day skiing in but it was bad weather so just skied some trees. Then I was sick for 3 of them and then it was bad weather again.

In total I had 8 runs. It was a bit of a disaster! Tignes next for the World Cup Finals! Fingers crossed I stay sick free.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Park City Grand Prix

After finishing in Mammoth it was time to head to Park City for the last Grand Prix of the trip before heading home for some R&R. Mammoth was a great trip and I really enjoyed my time there. I hope to go back next year. I had booked a flight out of LA with the rest of the team and the day before our flight bad weather rolled in. The best option was to get out of Mammoth and head to LA for a day/night. Unfortunately though that meant a 5 hour drive!

 It turns out that we didn't have that much time in LA. So Ben and I went to the mecca of all gyms. Golds Gym. It was really weird. It is absolutely massive and full of meat heads. But it was pretty cool to be in the same gym Arnold Schwarzenegger trained! After that a few of us went for breakfast and then it was time to fly.

First day of training in Park City was normal World Cup procedure. Bad weather again. It should have been called off but the organisers ran it anyway. The second day was actually much better though. The weather cleared and there was no wind. I managed to do my run in training even though it was a bit scrappy. So it filled me with a bit on confidence right before the event. It was limited training due to the first day being terrible weather. So I made the most of what I had.

On the day of the comp it was slightly worse weather. It was over cast and the light wasn't great. They sprayed the pipe so it was manageable. I dropped 28th. So pretty late on in the field. I prefer to drop earlier on so there is less waiting around after practice and you are a bit fresher. Less hanging around as well. First run went well. Not as good as I would have hoped. I missed a few grabs and landed a bit flat on a few hits so it cost me slightly. Second run I cleaned up all the weak areas but on my last hit(switch 900) I scrubbed the landing. It was a much better cleaner run and I was on for a better score. But due to the bobble on the last hit the judges mark me down heavily. I set myself a personal goal of landing my new run, which was the same one I did in Mammoth and also finishing inside the top 20. I managed to achieve both of these so I was really pleased. I am continuing to make progress which is good as I hit a bit of a plateau earlier in the season. It feels nice to be back on the upward curve.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Early January I went back to Breckenridge to ski before heading to Mammoth for a World Cup followed by a Europa Cup. Breckenridge didn't go so well for me unfortunately. After travelling I picked up a bit of a bug. Ended up with a cough and a bit of a cold. Nothing to serious but enough to stop me from skiing for 2 days and not being able to get back to properly training again for another 3. It knocked me back a bit and left me slightly underprepared for the upcoming events. 

On the 18th of January I flew to Mammoth and in typical World Cup style, the weather came in pretty badly. The first day I arrived it was dumping down with snow. I was staying at the very bottom of the mountain and when I woke up I knew straight away that practice was cancelled. As soon as there was confirmation of the cancellation everyone went skiing powder. It was crazy. About 3ft of fresh snow. It was a bit windy but definitely worth going out in! 

Finally after 1 days practice the competition went ahead. It was actually great weather and the halfpipe was in perfect shape. I really like the halfpipe in Mammoth. It suits my style of skiing. The competition went pretty well for me. I didn't get the result I wanted but I did make a big bit of progress regarding my run. I managed to put 2 new tricks in as well as my double. I hadn't done my since last April and I managed to land it in competition. Twice! I recently learnt switch rodeos and also switch 900's. So both of them went in my run and it went well. 

In between the World Cup and the Europa Cup myself and the rest of the halfpipe crew went to the hot springs. There is a lot of natural hot springs round Mammoth Lakes. It is great to relax and rest up before the next event.

Next up was the Europa Cup. This was not a good event for me. It was a great opportunity for me to do well and get a good result but it did not go my way. I messed up both runs and didn't make finals. I had 2 bobbles on each run which cost me. I was not to pleased about it but still managed to land my double twice which was great. I am getting a lot more confident with it which means I can start to progress and move onto better tricks.

Next up is the Park City, Utah Grand Prix/ World Cup and then a week at home before heading to Laax. So check here for the update soon!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

BBC Ski Sunday

I am back! Sorry about the large delay on the posts/videos/pictures. I have been neglecting my website and focusing on social media a bit more. But like I said, I am back!

My most recent news is very exciting to me! When I was in NZ in the summer. I was lucky enough to be asked by Ed Leigh (BBC presenter) if I wanted to be involved in the Ski Sunday intro. Of course I said yes. I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and know the right person. So if you haven't already watched it. Make sure you do right HERE!

I am currently in Colorado. I leave on Monday for Mammoth Mountain, California to compete in a World Cup and a Europa Cup straight after. I will keep you readers posted with how I get on. Preparation has been far from ideal as I have been a little ill. But fingers crossed it all comes together!