Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Early January I went back to Breckenridge to ski before heading to Mammoth for a World Cup followed by a Europa Cup. Breckenridge didn't go so well for me unfortunately. After travelling I picked up a bit of a bug. Ended up with a cough and a bit of a cold. Nothing to serious but enough to stop me from skiing for 2 days and not being able to get back to properly training again for another 3. It knocked me back a bit and left me slightly underprepared for the upcoming events. 

On the 18th of January I flew to Mammoth and in typical World Cup style, the weather came in pretty badly. The first day I arrived it was dumping down with snow. I was staying at the very bottom of the mountain and when I woke up I knew straight away that practice was cancelled. As soon as there was confirmation of the cancellation everyone went skiing powder. It was crazy. About 3ft of fresh snow. It was a bit windy but definitely worth going out in! 

Finally after 1 days practice the competition went ahead. It was actually great weather and the halfpipe was in perfect shape. I really like the halfpipe in Mammoth. It suits my style of skiing. The competition went pretty well for me. I didn't get the result I wanted but I did make a big bit of progress regarding my run. I managed to put 2 new tricks in as well as my double. I hadn't done my since last April and I managed to land it in competition. Twice! I recently learnt switch rodeos and also switch 900's. So both of them went in my run and it went well. 

In between the World Cup and the Europa Cup myself and the rest of the halfpipe crew went to the hot springs. There is a lot of natural hot springs round Mammoth Lakes. It is great to relax and rest up before the next event.

Next up was the Europa Cup. This was not a good event for me. It was a great opportunity for me to do well and get a good result but it did not go my way. I messed up both runs and didn't make finals. I had 2 bobbles on each run which cost me. I was not to pleased about it but still managed to land my double twice which was great. I am getting a lot more confident with it which means I can start to progress and move onto better tricks.

Next up is the Park City, Utah Grand Prix/ World Cup and then a week at home before heading to Laax. So check here for the update soon!

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