Monday, 4 December 2017

Recent Coverage

So recently things have started to get a lot more hectic with the Olympics coming up in February. The media attention has increased massively and it is getting very exciting. I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of some good press which is great.

Team GB Green Screen

A lot of the media came in the space of a couple of weeks. I ended up doing all my green screen bits and pieces for the Olympics with Team GB and before I knew it I was on News Round, BBC Breakfast and BBC Sport. It was all pretty new to me and being on live TV all that was going through my head was don't swear.

New Round

BBC Breakfast

BBC Sport
 After the TV stuff I found myself doing a few interviews over the phone for a couple of newspapers. The first up was The Herald. I was interviewed by an ex athlete called Susan Egelstaff. She competed at the London 2012 Olympics so it was really cool to speak to someone who knew what it is like to go through the stress of qualifying and she was very sympathetic with the whole situation about being unsure if you are going or not till last minute.

The Herald
 The Scotland on Sunday was next. It was a massive article that just came out recently. It was a longer one so it touched on a lot of things that I have to deal with as an athlete. Trying to juggle training and work, the inclusion of lottery funding and also the benefits of the Scottish Institute of Sport.

Scotland On Sunday

Scotland On Sunday

I have really enjoyed doing all the media. And I hope I have the opportunity to do a bit more in the future before the games starts. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and I make it!